As the holidays get closer, the perfect way to ring-a-ding in the holidays is celebrating the festive cheers! Here are some fun ideas for both the kiddies and adults!:


In order to avoid hypothermia from wet clothes from playing in the snow, potential colds and sledding accidents, maybe, this year, we should have the kids inside? What to do with all their energy for these long, cold days? Here is a fun (inside) activity for them to do:



WHAT YOU NEED: blankets, Chairs and imagination!

  • Drape blankets around the chairs and adorn with any Christmas decoration, ornament or lights that will bring the fort to life !
  • Get the kids some hot chocolate, a movie and their favorite desert to enhance the fun!
  •  No mess and no Stress – the perfect holiday feeling!




The Holidays are the perfect times to get closer and really feel the warmth of your loved ones. In order to help get into the mood, there is no better way to get them into the mood then a natural aphrodisiac like chocolate!


WHAT YOU NEED: Unsweetened chocolate, microwave, cookie sheet, cooking pan, corn syrup

  1. Heat the unsweetened chocolate in a cooking bowl and heat in microwave until all the chocolate is melted WITH NO CHUNKS
  2. With your cookie sheet spread across your cooking pan, pour some corn syrup into the mix, and spread the melted chocolate across sheet and use a spatula or spoon so that it is uniformly spread out
  3. Put the hot chocolate in the freezer for an hour OR until the substance has a dough or clay like hardness
  4. Lay some cookie sheets on your counter and take the doughy chocolate out of the bowl
  5. Knead the chocolate until you feel like you will be able to mold it!
  6. Cut out ½ inch diameter balls out of the chocolate mass and flatten each ball
  7. Roll one circle so that it would resemble a rose bud
  8. Take the other balls, flatten them, and wrap them around your starting bud (this may up to 10 balls!
  9.  Flatten out these edges so that it would resemble a full grown rose!


*Get closer with your special someone as you both work through this fun activity !

**FOR A MORE APHRODISIAC EFFECT: add some bananas or some sweet honey to your evening when you both munch on your roses!