Think you’re a fashion forward type of person? Read this section to see if you have the guts to try these fashion pieces out on the all-black streets of New York! This week, I dare you wear:


SUEDE PANTSsuedesuede

Suede gives that natural “autum-y” feeling that a lot of New Yorkers are lacking, so try to strut your stuff in something different this Fall!


There are different ways to wear this piece:

  1. Similar to the model to the left, try out different browns that compliment (not match!) your pants!
  2. WEAR WHITE! Suede is already a statement, but if you really want to make it stand out, drape on a white cable chunky sweater with a floppy hat and some statement fall boots!


  1. WEAR FITTED PANTS! There is this boy-ish, masculine look floating around the fashion scene, but it had no place with these pants. The material is already heavy looking so if you try “boyfriend suede pants”, you risk looking like a stable boy, not a staple fashion figure
  2. NO EXTREME MAKEUP! Fall is all about toning down all our favorite bright red and coral lipsticks (even though orange is starting to sneak its way in), so the same should be said when trying to complete your suede pants outfit