Think you’re a fashion forward type of person? Read this section to see if you have the guts to try these fashion pieces out on the all-black streets of New York! This week, I dare you wear:


Express your festive spirit with this twist to your usual, black sockware!

WAYS TO WEAR ITNavy-YellowStripe-Topview

  1. IT’S OKAY TO BE CHUNKY! If you still very committed to your all-black-everything outfits, wear neutral colored strips with a solid, black chunky shoe! Just make sure you choice in shoe is nothing too loud (let your socks do the talking) and, to optimize your outfit, make sure your chunky shoe has one bold strap!
  2. If you’re feeling more adventurous try bright preppy stripes and throw on some nice cropped trousers (for les femmes) or slacks (for les hommes)



  1. BE WARY OF THE STRIPES! It’s always fun to add a little pep in your step, but when it becomes too much fun and starts to look like rainbows are excreting from your ankles, you need to stop.
  2. LEGS FOR DAYS? Over-the-knee boots and socks have snuck their way back into person’s winter wardrobes, but hail off with over-the-knee stripe socks unless Pippi Longstockings is your fashion muse.