Think you are a fashion forward type of person? Read this section if you have the guts to try these fashion piece on the all-black streets of New York! This week I dare you to wear:



Admit it…we all have those fake “reading glasses” to give off a sexy librarian look. The glasses usually spotted are thick boxy-framed Ray Bans, so I challenge you to try your hands at a less pretentious, thinner alternative

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  1. BE FRESH! It is essential to keep your makeup light! Try for a nude lip color, dewy skin and some rose to the cheekbones to create a fragile, fresh look. You will look like a breathe of Spring air during these winter days.
  2. PART IT DOWN THE MIDDLE! I am always a middle part advocate and these glasses are just begging you to part it down the middle! This look will create a 70s nostalgic outfit (in a good way)
  3. BE A BOY! These glasses let you reverse the clock and revert back to those elementary and middle school private shcool days. Tap into your plaid (shorts, skirts, kilts, pants, etc) and pair it with a single-colored top and you are set!


  1. BE BASIC! Do not overpower the glasses with a bold lip color or one of your wild eyeshadows you have been dying to try. You will end up looking like a librarian and, no, not the sexy kind.
  2. BE NEAT! Everyone loves their messy up-dos and the wild, sex look, but not for these glasses. A messy head will steal some kudos to your outfit. Instead try a sleek ponytail for optimal results