Think you are a fashion forward type of person? Read this section if you have the guys to try these fashion piece out on the all-black streets of New York! So, this week, I dare you to wear:



Combat boots are emerging out of their history as “punk” and “revolutionary” and are entering the mainstream with the increasing popularity of Doc Martens. Today, young persons are wearing dark, patterned and, even, cloth Docs and are rocking them with their cuffed jeans, oversize sweaters and beanies. It might even be safe to state that they are starting to lose their edgy…edge? To revitalize their innovative nature, switch it up and wear your Docs in a bright color!



  1. BE BASIC  – Pair your boots with a relaxed outfit; if you are a black loyalist then pair your all-black outfit with pop of color boots. You want the focus to be your awesome shoe, but that can’t be possible if you’re wearing some elaborate top. If you try to do too many “fashion rebellious” statements at a time you look crazy, not crazy good.
  2. SLIP OUT OF THOSE JEANS – Commonly, these boots are often seen with dark-colored, cuffed jeans (this is esp. true with the drops in temperatures) but that does not mean you have to wear those ultra noir jeans! Pair your boots with tights, legwarmers and a cute skater skirt! Or, if you want to rewind the clock, try a 90s inspired outfit and wear your Docs with a maxi skirt and a chunky sweater! (thick tights under the skirt of course!)


  1. BE BOLD NOT BOZO – Wearing a bright colored boot is already a statement on the all-black streets of NYC so try not to ruin your edgy look into an insane one. If you try to pair a bunch of “loud” pieces, your shoes will be swamped in your Bozo the clown ensemble
  2. DO NOT REWIND THE CLOCK TOO MUCH – Though pairing Docs with a 90s inspired outfit would revitalize their punk nature, there are some pieces that were meant to extinguish in the 90s…so skip the chain wallets, the too-skinny-to-breathe jeans and the recklessly chopped pixies.