Experiential marketing has recently made a breaking wave in the world of advertising, increasing its presence in the industry. It has immersed brands into the world of their customers creating an active relationship that differs from traditional advertising tactics of verbal, auditory and visual promotions.

When a brand engages their customers and influences them to experience a ‘feeling’ from their product, that is when experiential marketing has occurred. The ability to induce any feeling or an emotion with consumers is precisely why experiential marketing is so important. When a customer feels something they will remember it and that memory will be shared with family, friends, or the media. To establish a loyal and extensive customer base, brands need to stir up positive emotions, experiences and a strong relationship with their consumers.

FlawlessNYC have the perfect models to help brands connect with their consumers, providing brand ambassadors, promotional models and live entertainment for activations and promotional campaigns nation-wide. Our extensive model base has assisted in experiential marketing for all types of clients including Mac cosmetics, Ferrari, Nikon, Marc Jacob and Sunglass Hut.  Flawless engages in various promotional marketing techniques including guerilla-marketing which aims to engage the public through street campaigns and other activities. FlawlessNYC aims to provide the consumer with an exceptional brand experience.

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