Happy (belated) Thanksgiving! Though our traditional Turkey Day calls for feasting and rest, Flawless has been out and buzzing. You can catch a multitude of Flawless models as hostesses and entertainment just this past weekend at an exclusive, upscale birthday party at the 230 Fifth. The guests were greeted by four of Flawless’ beauties as well as a handsome beau. Models let their radiant personalities shine through in the dark setting and “smized” guests as they serve them cocktails, tasty appetizers and desserts.

While our models continued to shine, even when wearing just tshirts and jeans, our entertainment turned down the lights with sultry performances from our burlesques showgirls. First we see an elegant performance from our signature burlesque showgirl, Lady A! Her snowy appearance complimented her swift movement and definitely highlighted her skill in the performing arts. To add the icing to the cake, dark beauty Delysia brought the sexy to the stage with her more risqué burlesque performance. She drew and kept the crowd’s attention with her hot, daring moves. These private and diverse burlesque performances are perfect for any exclusive event at an upscale venue 😉

To balance out the sexy burlesque performances, our paired go-go dancers Maggie and Lexi with our male go-go dancer amped up the volume with their fun and energetic performance. The energy and spark from their performance even got the guest to get up and bust a few moves!

The event went off with out a hitch and our client was so happy that he surprised his girlfriend with a marriage proposal during our hip hop dance routine! Another reason to have Flawless at your next event 😉