Are you ready to create the perfect promotional event, but not sure how to get started? Or maybe you have created events in the past but they never lived up to your – and your client’s – expectations. Whether you are an experienced marketer who has produced many events or brand new to event production, we have the five things you need to know to produce an event that will WOW your guests and send your brand recognition to new heights, including the one thing you absolutely need to do for a successful promotional launch.


  1. Screen Shot 2014-02-13 at 2.03.22 PMKnow your target audience. Nothing will kill an event faster than marketing to the wrong audience. A thorough knowledge and understanding of your demographic will help you design the perfect event. What is their age, interests and income? Knowing each of these will provide valuable information to select the perfect venue and entertainment, from Burlesque Showgirls to Aerial Artists, Henna Tattoo Artists to Circus Acts. To promote the BMW brand, Flawless NYC created a ten day series of fashion themed event during NY Fashion Week, providing catering and hospitality for a chic fashionable crowd. For the CW network, models were provided during the CW Upfront Events to help guide celebrities and press, in front of hundreds of on-looking fans. Evian water promoted a new spritzing product at the Bridge Hampton Polo VIP Tents and red carpet events in the Hamptons. In each case, the target audience was clearly identified and an event was crafted to deliver maximum results.
  2. Set the right tone. Now that you know who you are looking to attract to your event, make sure the tone of the event is in alignment with your target audience. This is most easily accomplished through your choice of music, lighting and entertainment. Models, DJ’s, artists and entertainers all help create the perfect guest experience. Remember, you don’t just want people who look beautiful, they also need the right personality. Interaction and social skills go a long way in helping promote your product. Models should look the part, but also play the part. If your promotion is a sporting event, you want models that look fit and athletic and can speak to the sports being attended. For the DJ, do you want someone that will be talking into the microphone or just playing music? Read their online reviews and testimonials and don’t be afraid to ask for a video or sample of their work. Hiring the right person will ensure setting the correct tone.
  3. Know your budget. Once you have identified the audience and set the tone, it is time to develop your budget. Creativity does not need to be outrageously expensive. Work with reputable vendors, and make certain to check their website and references. The average model runs from $350 to $700, and the price increases based on height and look, with high fashion models being more expensive. Make sure all your vendors reflect your level of integrity and standards.
  4. Miss JuneAlign with your brand. From the look of the models to the music selected by the DJ’s, if you are not in alignment with your brand, you are throwing away money and losing customers. A promotional event is an opportunity to connect with your consumer, and the promotion should take place at a time that is relevant to the product being promoted. If you will be working with models, ask to see polaroids and candid shots, do not rely solely on professional, retouched photographs. There is no studio lighting or opportunity for retouching photos at live events, so you want to know what you are getting ahead of time and every aspect of the event should reinforce your brand.
  5. Engage with you guests. This is the most important element of any promotional event. You could have perfectly identified the audience, set the right tone, stayed within budget and precisely aligned with your brand, but if your guests are left to wander around wondering what to do next and are not engaged, you have lost a great opportunity and most likely a potential consumer. Conversely, even if you do everything else wrong but your guests are active, engaged and have fun – they will leave feeling good about the event and most importantly, the product and the brand. An engaged and happy guest becomes a loyal customer.

Putting together an exciting and memorable promotional event is as much an art as a science. However, by following a few simple steps you can avoid the pitfalls that lead to a dull, boring party which no brand wants to be associated with.

At Flawless NYC, we believe beauty, creativity and brand ambassadorship are the keys to connecting individuals and companies to their audience to create lasting and memorable impressions.