The Promotional Model Advantage

Stereotypically, promotional models are seen as existing simply to stand there and look good. Looking good is definitely part of it, but it’s not just about being attractive. Great promotional models also have wonderful energy and personality, and Flawless prides itself on having a large roster of models who fit this bill and make brands look fantastic. Read on to learn about the various advantages of using promotional models, and book some with Flawless for your next event!


1. Human Face Association


Seeing a face is warm, inviting, and familiar! It is definitely better than seeing only posters or digital advertisements. This human connection, which can’t be made with technology, associates the product being advertised with a human being, making people want it more. This is essentially a live advertisement, and what would a commercial be without the humanization of the product? Whether it’s through an actual human using it, or the personification of the product (having it take on the role of the human in an ad) a material thing is made relatable, funny, unique, and eye catching by playing into people’s humanity – in other words, something the consumer wants.


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2. More People = More Promotion

The more bodies there are promoting the brand, the more people there are to answer questions, pass out literature about the brand, and engage the public. Therefore, your company has a better chance of getting people (the public) to pay attention.


3. More Than Just a Pretty Face

Great promotional models have an awareness of product, are well versed in what they’re selling and how to target people, and are sometimes even bilingual. Promotional models can also be hosts, bartenders, barbacks, servers, catering staff, and event staff (check-in and coat check, guest info, etc.)


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4. Accommodating Consumer Preferences

People respond differently to street promotion or advertising by a company: some might want lots of information and have questions, some might want a pamphlet take away, whereas others could want a sample of what’s being sold to try at home, allowing them to remember the product and subsequently buy it. Promotional models allow for all of these types of people and their preferences to be accommodated, making for a smoother and more inclusive consumer experience.


5. Beauty and Style

This is the obvious reason. Passersby will be drawn in by bubbly, attractive people, and the event will be made much more aesthetically pleasing by the promotional models’ presence.


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6. Convey Company Image

Promotional models are not fashion models – they can be brand ambassadors and come in all shapes and sizes, and can have whatever look the company wants! This is much less restrictive than runway modeling, and allows the company to hand pick people to represent their brand in a more unique way.


Flawless promotional models can take your next event from mediocre to memorable!


By Henya Rosen


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